Riot you overdid the transformation things with aether wing kayle

i think you have gone overboard with the last two transformations at level 11 & 16 i mean it looks like a mess ! []( []( what the heck or those metal chunks floating behind her ? it neither look like wings or look like some hover tech engines and that color change at level 16 , when her suit armor becoms black it feels more like mecha rather than the original looks which gave space age pulse fire-ish kind of sci fi feeling (kinda looks like protoss tech to me) , now this is from aesthetic perspective the other issue is during actual gameplay , it feels really weird when moving/attacking and might even feel distracting . the wings looks just fine as they are no need to add more stuff , from logical point more wings = more power and more lifting/flying capability but when it comes to aether wing which has a scifi theme simply adding more wings doesnt fit , instead how about making those hover tech infused wings evolve with each transformation just like an upgrade by adding **Slight but Noticeable** changes to the way the wing looks with every transformation this way you can make her transform while keeping things clean with out making a mess PS : Please bring back her cool attacking animation **TL~DR** please remove the metal chunks , keep the wings but change it slightly
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