What I would like and what I wouldn't like to happen when the Shuriman arc gets continued

So I know it is most probably not gonna happen this year, but I'd still like to say my opinions about what I would like to see to happen and what I wouldn't. So let's get started. What I would want to see: ## **_More world building_** It would be very nice to see how the capital looks from inside too, not just from the opposite. How the houses are built, where they are built, how the walls look like, etc. We only rly got 1 image of the capital (aka the SunDisc capital) that is from the same angle and it shows the same thing. It would be nice to see how the capital looks from the inside. Also, how Nerimazeth looks like and what Xerath did with it, as well as to see how both Xerath's and Azir's armies look like (5 years passed since Bloodline. For sure Azir had time to create an army and give them weapons and Im not talking about the sand one). Imagine Noxus's universe gallery for weapons soldiers beasts buildings streets etc. Something like that for Shurima would be so good for worldbuilding imo. ## **_Azir's progress in rebuilding Shurima_** We have no idea in what state Shurima is rn. We can only make assumptions regarding how well or bad Azir's reunification and rebuildings goes. We have no idea in what state the economy is, if Shurimans create new settlements around the rivers or they just stick to the already existing ones, how many cities and tribes joined at the moment, etc. On Xerath's side, we also have no idea what's he's been up too since Bloodline. ## **_The reaction of other nations to Shurima's return_** We haven't yet seen what other nations think of Shurima returning. Surely the return of an ancient empire would shake the world a bit, even if it will never be back at its full strenght (cause no amount of armies can replace the Ascended host in power and I don't think Azir or Nasus would be willing to create more Ascended since the whole Darkin thing happened. Plus the knowledge of how to perfrom the Ascension is probably lost). What would Noxus, the expansionist empire who conquered most of Northern Shurima's coast, think? What would Piltover/Zaun, the center of Runeterra's trade routes, think? We haven't seen anything that can tell us what they think and we can only make assumptions. ## **_The battle of Ascended_** When the Shuriman arc gets continued, it must be finished with an epic battle betwen all the Ascended and their armies. No matter which side wins, I think both should be given respect and not made weak just for the sake of the other winning. I'm a big fan of fantasty magical battles, and Xerath's battle with Nasus in Bloodline was very well done imo. ## **_The fate of Taliah's family_** Taliah's family is a crucial point in her progress as character, and thus it's very important for her to find out what happened to them. I have a few theories regarding that: 1. Malzahar killed it and sacrificed it to the Void (yeah Ik it sounds too WH40K-like but remember we have 40k writers in the narrative department at Riot) 2. They joined Xerath by being deceived by him to see him as the Great Weaver or something similar 3. They refugeed in the jungles to escape the war betwen Xerath and Azir Now about what I wouldn't want to see ## **_Sivir or Taliah taking the rule of Shurima_** I know this is probably gonna be controversial. I saw a few people suggesting it and imho it sounds.... bad. Why? I have several reasons why imo it wouldn't be fitting. First, "the young take over the old" is too much of a commonly used theme in all sorts of media, and it would be too cliche imho and predictable. I would even dare to say Disney-like. It would just feel too repetitive of a theme cause it was overused a lot. Second, neither Sivir or Taliah would benefit from this from a character PoV. Sivir doesn't want anything to do with ruling, and isn't qualified to rule (she didn't receive any of the training and teaching for ruling Azir did nor the manipulation skills and cunning of Xerath), meanwhile Taliah isn't a ruler-sort of character, being more of a youngster who tries to find her place in the world and reunite with her family. ## **_Azir's or Xerath's power being dissrespected_** I'm a big fan of Azir, along with Ryze he is my favourite character from lore, and imo in the desert he is one of the most powerfull ones too, being able to do whatever he wishes to do with sand in a huge amount. I would also mind if Xerath got nerfed, since he drained the entire Sun Disc and should be treated as a force to be reckoned with, the threat that he IS, not just a minor obstacle in Azir's way that will be dealt with for sure. So that was it. What things would you like and wouldn't like to see whenever the Shuriman Arc get's continued?
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