Svalblod was an ancient deity worshipped by a cult cast out of the lands of Skellige many years ago. Even in a land of violence-orientated culture, the worship practiced bloody and cruel rituals that repulsed the minds of many Skelliger. Only a few Skeilligers remember its existence, among them were the Vildkaarls, or Berserker, under lead of fallen druid Artis.
I am torn. I understand the qualms of those loyal mains that wish current Volibear's identity and personality to be preserved; on the other hand, reading ["Silence for the Damned"]( compelled me to feverishly pick **T H E B E A R** in anticipation of his rework, despite me thinking that the in-game Volibear experience is... a bit dull. Stumbling over this on the [Roadmap]( literally broke my heart: > One common thing we heard—especially from Volibear mains—was that the more grotesque-horror visual designs felt like they strayed too far from live Volibear, so we’ve refocused our explorations on versions that feel more true to current Voli. **I am in love with that concept of an eldritch bear-thing god of wilderness with sets of eyes sprouting from his oily skull while he impales corpses in occult patterns for some weird ritual of rejuvenation. I like how he's presented in the story, a psionic juggernaut whose sole imposing presence fades individuality and consciousness.** Are you sure we want to lose all that stuff? That's good stuff, unique stuff, creative stuff. **Is preserving "armored bear" worth it?** I understand there are difference of opinions involved; I also understand that a Volibear fan since years has much more valuable saying on such matter than me; lastly, I understand that now it's too late for changing anything, and the direction is set. **I am sad.** Not angry, because I respect the different perspective, and understand a choice had to be made. But boi am I sad. PS: new Volibear has small head and probably very small bener
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