Sett is trite and uninspired

Sett is unoriginal, yet another Vastayah that looks nothing like an animal. Sett looks like a male version of Xayah (or Ahri), just another champion with chibe - furry anime ears popping out of his bright, dye colored boy band hair. Many praise the art and champion creation in this game (I used to as well), but recently I am unimpressed. Champions used to be iconic and original representations of archetypes I wanted to see in a fighting game. On a similar note, what in god's name is he wearing? why would someone focused around brawling be wearing skin tight fashionista pants and a weird open vest showing off their rippling chest, not to mention his pink hair hangs down over his eye, talk about a stretch. Are we playing a game where you fight the enemy or is Summoner's Rifts just an 80's dance party full of hipsters trying to follow the recent fashion fad? The state of gameplay in League has recently been pushing me away from the game. But now that even the art and champion design is, in my opinion, becoming monotonous and repetitive there is not much drawing me to this game. This game, its' champions, and lore is losing its' identity rapidly.
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