(Over)analyzing Mordekaiser's Roadmap teaser

https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/478622490932019202/538345488655712266/image2.png I'd like to preface this by saying that I'm still trying to process the news and thus won't be as coherent as I usually am, since my blood is burning lead and my mind is hype, but I'm digressing. By now we've all seen the recent roadmap where Reav3 goes into detail about the next few reworks, giving us more info on Kayle, Morgana, the new support champion and of course none other than our big ol' Metal Man: #Mordekaiser So, 300% erect and extremely excited about what I've essentially been waiting, and to some extent "fighting" for since his first rework in 2015, let us dive right into it! #What's CONFIRMED for Mordekaiser's VGU **Solo lane centric**: A big one indeed, but Riot decided to give up on bot lane Morde in favour of balancing him around a solo lane, since it's more thematically fitting and because duo lane champions usually end up only working in that lane, leaving mains disappointed. (Zyra, Brand and co come to mind) **Ap Juggernaut**: Another important takeway is that Mordekaiser is indeed going to remain a magic damage bruiser, an Ap Juggernaut to be precise. This is really interesting since most other Ap bruisers often devolve into pure burst patterns so seeing how this'll turn out is definitely going to be interesting! **Complete relaunch**: His VGU is going to be more akin to a Sion kind of rework instead of something like Morgana and Warwick, meaning he'll be a completely new champion! Hopefully for the better! https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/478622490932019202/538345488043474944/image0.png #What's heavily hinted at **Mordekaiser's Underworld kingdom**: There's a very specific choice of words there, implying that Mordekaiser may or may not have some sort of damned realm where he sends his thralls too, something akin to Minas Morgul, a ghastly well for his hosts of souls that's different than his Immortal Bastion. Definitely looking forward to what the true meaning behind this is! **Enslavement is still going to be his thing**: Similar vein as the one above, Mordekaiser enslaving the souls of his enemies is probably still going to be one of his main themes, probably even THE theme they're going to build his character around! **Core Fantasy of a Brutal, Armoured Warlord of Death**: Nuff said #What might be implied and gut feeling **Might lose all of his remaining Metal vfx's**: I absolutely love the aesthetic of a swirling vortex of malice and metal; a tornado of malignant energies and sharp metal shards that surround Morde with a wicked shroud, but this might be something of the past alltogether in favour of more necromantic effects. **Still going to retain Metal references in his ability names**: Come on, there's no harm keeping 'em and they're a very nice tribute to what he used to be! Plus there's a million Metal songs to be used for ability names! **May have a strange accent or ancient mannerisms**: Similar to Aatrox, I feel Mordekaiser might have a rather unique manner of speech, probably something germanic to fit his name! #My own personal wishes and rambling **Dragon Knight Mordekaiser is going to be the new Kaiju Urgot of his skins** Give it a medieval Raven's beak "Rabenschnabel" Hammer too, with draconic design! http://www.ruestschmiede.de/rsxtco/images/product_images/popup_images/1464_0.jpg **Pentakill Morde needs extensive unique Metal VO** Come on, it has to happen! Also, give him the pick of destiny as his necklace, Metalocalypse-style black nails and give his pauldrons Metal-horn like designs! **Infernal is going to be Gatekeeper-y** Hellish green flames! **Iron Man is going to stay, or rather shielding is going to remain his main defensive steroid** **He's going to have very long VO, rivaling Sol and Tahm** **ALL the Sauron references** Starting with doran's ring should play "One ring to rule them all" **I'm going to absolutely love it!** Most definitely! But that's about it with this analysis! I'm still calming down! Anything you guys would like to add and discuss? Also, here's his new VGU Pod! Great names, I trust 'em completely! https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/478622490932019202/538345488043474946/image1.jpg And to finish up: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=thkRFTQVxAw
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