Neeko Feels Uninspired, kit wise

Neeko feels very much as a combination of champions. Such as Her Q, being very similar to a combination of{{champion:202}} Jhin E and {{champion:115}} Ziggs Q, where you are bursted multiple times and also the flower aspect, her {{champion:62}} W being an Wu Kong W combined with a Leblanc Passive, where they summon a temporary copy to save herself or to engage. Her E is just a {{champion:99}} Lux Q but with the new {{champion:81}} ezreal w projectile. Her ult feels like a combination of a {{champion:25}} Morgana ult, {{champion:143}} Zyra ult, and a{{champion:98}} Ki Barrier From Shen, as she gains a Shield(Shen), AOE CC around her(Morgana), and a high burst (Zyra). Her passive is her only unique ability and its a shame because it is no more than just a look alike ability that feels kinda weak, as no one would engage if they are low or behind, and if the opposing champ is ahead, he would just kill you, Not to mention that if one of the two auto, the disguise is ruined. Also its a TF2 Disguise kit.
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