Discrepancy in Wolf's lamb mask between model and 2D art (Could a Rioter please explain?)

I asked this during the Q&A but didn't get an answer. Not sure if Riot is dodging the question. Here's what I'm talking about: compare the [splash](https://i.imgur.com/KWbtbk4.png) and icon {{champion:203}} with their [model](http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-QRYhCRpjUKg/VfiJg2Tl_BI/AAAAAAAAGjM/rNOTfN8nOSU/s640/kindred.jpg). In all official 2D art, Wolf has the white lamb ears on his mask along with the horns. However only the horns are present in the model. I think without the ears, it doesn't look like a lamb mask. Also I understand that sometimes champion modelling is difficult due to tech limitations, but then why have the ears in the art? Some official Riot feedback on this would be much appreciated.
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