Pentakill > K/DA

And here's why: You did so much work making the 2 Pentakill albums (like 10 songs in Grasp Of The Undying and 8 songs in Smite And Ignite ! That's like 18 songs of perfection) and they are pure awesomeness ! The thing is that they were too weakly promoted ! I mean look at the promotion of K/DA ! You made one song but this song is being played on the login screen and the homepage is FULL of K/DA videos, the skin prices etc. Heck, K/DA HAS EVEN A PAGE ON THE "UNIVERSE" TAB (its on the "Alt. Universes" tab) ? **WHERE IS SOME LOVE FOR PENTAKILL **? So much more work went into Pentakill but you just did not use the promotion ! So I want to kindly yet firmly ask you to make: 1) A link in "Universe" for Pentakill with the same work like a short story of the champion and some facts about him/her (Love Sona btw) 2) And FOR THE LOVE OF GOD MAKE BOTH BANDS DANCE TOGETHER AND PLAY THEIR SONGS (Popstars for K/DA and Lightbringer for Pentakill) **F.Y.I** Only Yorick plays his part of a Pentakill song (Lightbringer) when he dances. **EVERY CHAMPION IN A BAND SHOULD DO IT**.
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