Someone who only plays league would never know Noxus is not evil

I know this has been brought up many many many times, but i feel like i have to say it, if for nothing else but my own sanity. But i will start by saying that Noxus is definitely not evil. Mostly cuz an entire nation dedicated to evil would be impossible to maintain. But yeah, Noxus is generally accepting, Survival of the fittest kind of state who has been dealt a bad geographical hand and is thus forced to expand to get resources. The issue is that someone who actively plays league, but doesn't read that much lore would never know this. No, even worse, they would have no reason to believe Noxus is nothing more than murderers and assholes who drink blood and worship the devil. Most of the champions of Noxus enjoy killing, and those that are completely fine with it without a single thought. The only champions who do not fit this are {{champion:14}} (who is corrupted and thus kills without mercy) and {{champion:92}} (who is not even in Noxus anymore.) {{champion:50}} is the only champ i could believe is not 100% evil based on his dialogue, looks and character he portrays in game alone. The reason this is an issue is that it feels like a huge wasted opportunity, and that Riot cannot come up with anything about Noxus that does not involve war. At best, this makes the nation come off as incredibly one note. At worst, it actively goes against what riot says about Noxus not being evil. Basically, it comes across as Riot saying: "Noxus is totally not evil. We are never gonna show it though but it totes exist, like for real". Basically what i'm saying is that, If Noxus is truly not evil....put your money where your mouth is and show us that, in game. Anybody else agree? If i'm alone in this i accept that. You do you. Ps: Don't use the "nobody is truly evil" line as defense for this. That's a poor excuse and avoids answering the question.
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