Where do black people like Lucian, Ekko, Pyke and Senna originate from on Runeterra?

We have a fledged out world map and the newest faction was Ixtal with the poster child being Quiyana, in True Damage she is a latin star so clearly Ixtal is inspired by south america. Now we are set and the IP can be expanded throughout more games. [Runeterra World Map](https://i.imgur.com/ZQGpjGd.jpg) The game exist since 2009 and the first black champion was the 115th released in 2013, out of 148 champions (including Aphelios) we have 4 black champions{{champion:236}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:555}} {{champion:235}} . They are all good champions although, all rather thin. Why is there no fantasy Africa (Sub-Saharan), where are the roots of these four? We already know that Lucian and his father arent native Demacians and that Lucian and Senna brought something back to his homeland, so where is it? I wouldnt mind a black chad Juggernaut for top lane either, 3 out of 4 are already bottom laners...

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