Which are the champions that are now currently at the S tier of needing a full VGU ?

Hi , I haven't been a part of the community for a long time , but now I seem to be slowly coming back. I remember way back when (We are talking about pre WW rework , so take this with a bucket of salt) Riot talked about champions and divided them into tier of what they felt was the urgency to have them reworked , with a champion possibly skipping the line if they had a good idea for said champion (Irelia was considered A tier urgency vs Morde's S tier , but her rework came first , and due to the later rework being somewhat recent , I feel maybe Riot still has said list that they somewhat go by). Judging by the fact that {{champion:102}} and {{champion:36}} were on the voting poll for "who do we want to see reworked next", I feel like it's fair to assume that Riot considers them S tier in urgency. {{champion:54}} is probably also on the S tier , as well as {{champion:31}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:56}} and probably {{champion:33}}. But what about the champions that I remember way back when , that Riot always said that they wanted to work on , and had a lot of room to update , like {{champion:133}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:38}} , who are the middle ground , with room to improve both visually and gameplay wise , but aren't as bad as the ones previously mentioned. What about those , any news about them ? And what about the champion who's kits are functional and see quite a bit of play , but have a dire need of a visual update , like {{champion:72}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:42}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:79}}. Are we supposed to just suck it up and wait , or are these champions possible A tier candidates ? Also , can anyone explain to me why did Ezreal get a update before any of the champions that are listed above ? He was legit never mentioned to be the least bit urgent by Riot and has historically been one of if not the most popular pick in LOL. I would put him in the second category of heroes I mentioned , and he kinda skipped a massive line , while someone like Leblanc (Who I remember from a post from 2012 saying that they hated her visuals but her kit is fine , so she will have to wait ) has been in queue for much longer.
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