The Hidden, Colorful New Mage - Theories? In the Roadmap, they teased an upcoming champion, "a rather **colorful mage **that won’t stay** hidden** for too much longer." What's also notable is the line at the end, where again they mention "the **colorful new mage **currently in **hiding**"... This leads to some questions. We can see from the teaser image that a hibiscus like flower will play into the mage in someway, either as an iconic accessory, or some indication that it may have something to do with plants. We also see an interesting sigil under the flower, that looks strikingly tribal, but island tribal in a sense. If I had to guess, I'd say that this new champion is going to be hailing from the islands around Bilgewater, possible one of the natives, of which Illaoi is a part of. The sigil being tribal is what brings me to this, and the fact that it's a little more jagged, and not flowy and fluid tends to push this away from Ionia. If we go by the brightness and whimsy of this teaser, this could also mean this new mage is the first light-hearted champion to hail from the Bilgewater region, if they are indeed from that area. In terms of the "colorful" aspect, I'm not entirely sure what this could imply, as Lux is already affiliated with light and rainbows, so having another light based mage would step on her themes. That leaves us with the flowers as a hint - flowers come in many colors, and a garden of them can be extremely colorful. Then comes the other term they repeated when referencing this mage - _hide_. This is particularly interesting because the specific way they brought it up a second time implies this term isn't a coincidence. This could imply that this is a mage who either has stealth, or utilizes bushes in a new way... And this lead to my theory - here we have a mage, symbolized by a flower and the term "hide." If this is a plant mage of sorts (even though this would be stepping on Zyra, I feel like there's more to explore in that theme), this could imply that the mage can somehow _use bushes_ as an offensive tool, which is a very unique thing that's never been done before. We've come close with the Teemoing and Teemo setting fire to the bushes, and Ivern similarly comes close with conjuring shrubs and gaining bonus when entering them - but neither instance has actually used bushes as catalysts for spells. It's just a thought of mine about this new champ, and I'm very curious to see what they're like. What are your thoughts?
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