Pennywise is what Shaco should be.

I just got back from seeing "It" and the movie was pretty good. What stole the show, however, was the actor portraying Pennywise. It got me thinking about how effective Pennywise was as a villain and it made me think of how much Shaco lacks in this department comparatively. I want to go over my reasons without delving into spoiler territory so, if you're worried I'll break things, don't worry. I'm going to do my best to avoid any sort of spoiler talk. I'll be focusing on the strongest aspects of Pennywise that could work with Shaco. #Pennywise lives in the Uncanny Valley. Just look at the picture I posted for the header. He's got odd teeth. His eyes don't seem to be completely right. He's got odd proportions that really make you question if he's even real. This is one of the best strengths of the way he looks: He makes you question if you're looking at something really there. So how could we do this with Shaco? Shaco is an older model and, as such, moves stiffly. Oh, it works fine, but we can do better. Maybe Shaco jitters as he moves. Maybe as Shaco attacks, he's hitting in a way that really shouldn't work. Maybe he's just moving in such an awkward fashion that it's uncomfortable. Comparable to a creepy character like Jhin, who has fluid and refined movements to the point of it being creepy, Shaco should be the polar opposite; A shakey, inhumanly moving mass of parts in a vaguely human shape. #The Story we're given. Shaco's current lore is another "lol who knows OOOH SO SPOOKY" collaboration. While this could work, IMO it serves as a detriment. Without any even CORE theory to go with, we're just told to assume whatever we want about Shaco. This open-ended topic ends up hurting Shaco because we're told that Shaco is whatever we want him to be. Comparatively, while we're only given a bit (Or perhaps too much if you read the books), Pennywise has a lot left to the unknown but still has legitimate rules. We know enough that he comes out at times, he does and most of all, we know that HE IS CLEARLY NOT HUMAN. Every little factoid we know about how abnormal this monster is drives the characters closer to being unable to explain things. Shaco, imo, should be the same way. In making Shaco less human, you open the door to more frightening concepts of exactly what he is. The more horrible Shaco is, the easier it is for us to question what he is and where he comes from. This also makes it easier to design a kit around Shaco. After all, if he's bordering on that terrible territory of "eldritch beast we can't comprehend", there's way more interesting things you can do with his kit. Speaking of... #The Core Goal Shaco's goal isn't really clear, which I suppose is something "fun" about him; He does it just because! This, however, doesn't really make him too interesting of a character. Shaco is fairly one dimensional and does stuff just because he's getting a laugh from it. In comparison, Pennywise has animalistic-but-clear goals. It wants to feed on both flesh and terror. It's a predator that hunts and kills easy prey (Children) to sate it's own desires. This is where Pennywise is most terrifying: It doesn't hate anything or kill out of spite. It just wants to live as it always has in the most animal-like way possible. In this idea, Shaco might need a moire clear goal. That doesn't mean, of course, it has to be so clear that Shaco loses his chaotic nature. Maybe his goal is to cause as much strife as possible to as many people as possible. Maybe Shaco feeds on chaos and needs things to go as fucky as possible for him to thrive. There's a lot of angles you can take with this but in all of them, Shaco has a more clear goal. A method to his madness. Even if in the end he's just doing what he always did. _____________________________________________ One thing I should make clear is that this is just personal conjecture and opinion. I'm not going to profess that Shaco should just be a carbon copy. However, this movie and the character gave me so many good ideas and inspirations for Shaco that it makes me sad that this is what Shaco is currently in the lore; a random murderer who has no clear explanation. I also want to add that I don't think Shaco's entire kit should change. It could, sure, but I'm not going to say that it needs to. Shaco is a wellspring of untapped potential and Pennywise is one of the many paths Shaco could go down. Let me know what you think and if this is more in line with what you think Shaco could/should be or if you have another inspiration for the character.
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