New Noxus Lore - Is Riven even special anymore?

So, as I finished reading all of these bios and color stories, I find myself feeling sort of... Disappointed. I love the detail for Noxus and such, but...the more I look at it, the more I realize that Riot has taken almost all the things that made Riven amazing and unique, and cut them away to place into other characters, leaving her with nothing. Riven used to be the Poster Child of the Noxian spirit. Came up from nothing to become beloved, only to lose everything and have her world come crashing down around her due to Singed and the Ionian Invasion. Now Darius came up from nothing and rules Noxus, and had a whole comic dedicated to him. Now Swain was crippled in Ionia and has a hatred for Singed as a result, And also overtook Noxus to remake it for the better. Now Quilletta Varn has existed and literally BEEN what Riven could have been to the Empire somehow. Xypherous had a dream for Riven that couldn't have come true because of the way the Old Lore was put together. He wanted Riven to return to Noxus and lead a rebellion to change it for the better. And once that had been done, he wanted her to return to Ionia to try and make right what she'd once made wrong. Riven was unique within the Noxian paradigm. She alone had the potential to represent so much, and yet with this prime opportunity to put the pieces on the stage for all to see, there's no mention of any of this anywhere. Except for Swain's new quote about her being "quite forgettable". Riot has made her exactly that, which is a very painful pill to swallow. She could have been the catalyst for change within Noxus, heck, within the world itself to some degree, but instead, all of the things that made her unique, a character that fit poorly into the Old Lore and thrived in the New, have gone to everyone else, leaving her, again, with nothing. Riven doesn't deserve to be alone and exiled to Ionia to wander endlessly with a broken blade. Her path was clear, returning to Noxus to reforge that which was broken. But now, with Swain changed to be doing that already apparently, how is she even special anymore? In essence, Riot killed her before she ever had a chance to be relevant to the world and story, despite holding so much promise. And that, in and of itself, is a tragedy.
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