Please Rework Soraka's Lore

Soraka{{champion:16}} has been one of the oldest champions in League. She had a visual update, spell changes, buffs, nerfs but never did her lore changed which should have changed with Warwick's{{champion:19}} lore who was the central figure of Soraka's lore. **The short version of this [lore]( connection: ** - Warwick tricks Soraka into using her celestial powers in a harmful way by gaining her trust and scene an attack on himself. When Soraka became a mortal after losing her favor with the higher powers Warwick tries to kill her and take her heart for his potion of stable werewolf transformation. Now you see that the new Warwick who never met Soraka, wasn't an alchemist and got transformed against his will has no connection with her. She needs a new lore ASAP if you don't wish to confuse new players who might be interested in the background of the character they like to play.
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