@Riot Why is Dawnbringer Riven's Chroma ult form Pink and Purple?

As the title says, I don't understand why her ult form has her turn pink and purple, and frankly I think it looks hideous. Her base form looks really nice with the green and aqua color scheme for her sword and wings and the bronze and dark blue for her clothing. This is why I'm so confused as to why she goes from nice cold colors + brown to the Pink Range. And as a said, the her ult's colors look horrible with the pink and purple because it is a jarring color combination that clashes with her base form and her particle effects too much. I think it would be better if her ult form maintained the gold for mos of the body but had more white/green/aqua/ and some light bronze. Edit: And after looking at it more, it would make more sense for her ult form to look more white/silver with some gold blemish with green/aqua color for sword and wings.
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