Riots champ design is incredibly dull now

Qiyana has no real discernible or outstanding details in her character design, ill wait to see her kit but im not holding out hope since the track record seems pretty dismal is recent memory. {{champion:350}} is a cat that is blue, every thing about her from her from design to VO seems phoned in. {{champion:517}} is just a really buff dude in chains which doesn't exactly scream interesting character no real stand out features besides his shackles {{champion:10}} redesign was probably the worst offender within the year taking her armor'd samus aran-esque appearance and replacing it with the generic skin tight body suite, still baffled by this {{champion:145}} suffers from the same, her void symbiote looking like something you'd see in rule 34 rather than as living eldritch body armor {{champion:555}} {{champion:518}} are alright Pyke looking like he's from bilge water pretty distinctly and neeko giving us more insight into the inhabitants of runeterras jungles. I think in the case of neeko they could have gone with the concept art to a greater degree shown here: To make her walk the line between creepy and cute more than just generic naive sweetheart character because frackly league has enough of those. Back to qiyana from the look of her splash art she seems like she is going to be sassy due to the pose the artist picked to represent her which is alright since the last female champ we had to fill that role {{champion:498}} and it can work well and be clever so long as she doesn't feel like a watered down version of her predecessors. Her visual design is very striking though and the jokes regarding he looking like a hodgepodge of skins hold some merit, with her design both not doing enough to catch the viewers eye and too much with choice of colors on her specifically regarding her white hair and green attire it just clashes a lot and a small edit some one made to change to blackish brown made her look a lot more feasible. Edit: I would like to remind everyone regarding {{champion:145}}, the critisism regarding her wasnt about her having her tiddies out it was regarding the fact that she walked out the void with a skin tight body suit like shes ready for a day at the beach without a scar on her immaculate makeup and hair. This is in fact the same void that {{champion:136}} struggled to close the rift of, the same void that corrupted the ascended at the end of the war in icathia. The one that horribly disfigures the beings it comes into contact with, {{champion:145}} doesn't look nearly as battle hardened and weary as she should for having to travel the void alone, there is a grand disconnect between her character and her back story.
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