Confused about the size of the Event Horizon entities.

So, what size are the Cosmics and the Dark Stars supposed to he? Are they all meant to be Galactus sized creatures of creation/destruction or are some of them human sized? We can already see some are bigger than others as seen in [Cosmic Queen Ashe's splash art](, but are Kassadin and Yi human sized while Ashe is huge, or are they also huge themselves while Ashe is incredibly colossal? Varus is described as being titanic too but we don't know how titanic. And then there's Rhaast, who is the same size as Kayn, even Cosmic Emperor Kayn retains the same size, unless it's just for gameplay purposes and Rhaast's scythe form is just incredibly small compared to his real form, but I doubt that so I'm going to assume either he's either small because he's in a different dimention, or he's already a small dude even in his own universe which could be plausible considering he seems to be lower ranked than Thresh based on his interactions.
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