Can I Please See My Chromas Awesome Names in Champ Select? Emotes too?

Would it be possible to make us view the chromas names during champion select? I don't buy chromas for the heck of it. I sometimes buy them because they look "cool" and also because of the name. Look at the examples below. Each Chroma is listed in the store with its name: _*** Lunar Empress Lux: **_[/img] _*** Battle Bunny Riven:**_[/img] _*** Pool Party Lulu:**_[/img] Now Let's take a look in Match select view: _**Lunar Empress Lux**_[/img] Another example is the emote system. This is how they look in store:[/img] This is how they look in "My collection" and match select view:[/img] Every time I want to actually remember what my chroma name is or what my emote means, I need to click the store and select "Show Owned." I feel this is really taking away some of the value for the things I already purchased. {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}} Can we please make skin chromas and emotes show the name as its viewed in the store? {{sticker:sg-zephyr}} _**Edit: Pleas show the skin name + the chroma name in the loading screen - Thank you Satomikun. **_
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