My hopes for Lissandra's future lore

This will be a thread where I just want to share about what I'd love to see in Lissandra's future stories. Love her and I think that I have a good grip on what should maybe, if possible, be shown to us as fans :)[] #####**_~~Future wishes~~_** **1.** First off it would be great if knew what happened when she encountered Volibear and the circumstances of that event. **2.** This will probably not interest many but personally I would also love to know about Lissandras parents. Especially her mother, I can imagine that she was probably an Iceborn but was she also a witch? And how come only Lissandra inherited the witch part? We pretty much know only she was a witch from Ornn. >He studied the Third Sister’s eyes. He did not trust her, for she had a scent of magic about her, and magic always makes sturdy things weaker. **3.** Again maybe an odd one, but how does Ralakka Split- Tongue rank in her order and what is her relationship with him? **4.** How did she establish the Frostguard and the timeline (after or before Watchers sealing etc.) **5.** Her shapeshifting is fascinating and sadly we know so little about it, I would assume that she still kills her successor and shapeshifts into them. Hopefully in the future we will find out more about it. **6.** What does Lissandra look like in her shapeshifted form currently? It is funny because if we were to see a comic about her we probably wouldn't be able to identify her since we do not know her current form. **7.** Hope that in the future we gain some insight into the Talisman of Lissandra, in order to see if Liss can bless or infuse objects with power, since Halla made ice while holding the talisman to repair the pillars.(I get that the creating of ice could just be Halla's own power) **8.** **MOST OF ALL** Would be great if we could see her casting a curse or killing mages and people, some **REAL **Lissandra action. She does not have a color story or even a short story yet so we need to be patient but we will endure! There is so many great things and so many mysteries that surround my dear Liss, can't wait to hear more but for now these only remain as _hopes_...
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