Riot READ: Ideas and theory on Aurelion Sol

Riot I developed this theory myself and would like to see it be used in some way. So lets venture into lore and teasers: If we look back at some teasers from riot then we have definitely have seen a champion seriously involved with mountains before and let us not forget that there were two open slots in the mount targon page. This champion could possibly be the only and only: Bard and heres my reasoning Bard's teaser showed him taking some mystical or with STARS inside it to the top of a mountain and with this there is already a connection with the stars. Not only just this though his whole idea is revolved around the stars and theres not much information in his lore about him except that hes the wandering caretaker. but heres my big idea These are mountains form the teaser of bard and this whole champion is connected to mountains and we can see many flames on the top of these mountains but also we see a huge battle at a mountain in bards teaser that involve fire seen here: Now these battles were between two "factions" but one of them was evil suggesting that the uses of the stone safely kept by an old man and later bard can be used for both good and bad. Maybe these stones are keys to bringing back Aurelion Sol. Now its pretty far out there but its definitely a possibility. Maybe since Bard is the wandering caretaker maybe there is more to it than that is his mission is to stop Aurelion Sol from coming back but there are others that want nothing bring him back and destroy stuff. Riot please acknowledge this it took a lot of time to think about and i really wanna see something done with it or at least some acknowledgement of some sort :)

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