What Project:Reckoning's lineup could've been like (my suggestions)

So firstly i'd like to congratulate Riot on the new skins, they're a pretty big hit from discussions I've seen. Pyke looks great, and the vfx team did a splendid job with all the skins. [](https://imgur.com/a/LsljEaA) https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/ef9fe9ed26ecc4673e21c1e1a1cc82d277d26fc2263add3e6d4ade92be1118af.jpg However, I believe that this year's project skin was honestly a pretty big missed opportunity to create a really lasting impression on us. The theme, Outsider, is about "a band of cybernetic castoffs who go into the City to destroy the entity that created them". It's a theme of revenge, about payback for the betrayal, about settling your odds. As such, I think the champions chosen for this year's lineup weren't as well thought out as it could've been. Before we get into that, first I should say that yes, skins don't have anything to do with the lore and is a medium to explore alternatives, which is why i'm not flat out ridiculing the event team's choice of champions to implement into the skin line. After all, we've all been expecting them to get the project treatment one day anyways right? Secondly, of course some of my thoughts may be answered in whatever skin lore Riot's team might release, so take my rant/monologue with a grain of salt. Firstly, Pyke was an excellent choice for this theme. The dude knows revenge, it's part of who he is. Nothing to say bout him, great job. Jinx is a very big offender of this theme though. Why is she on this team of "i need to get revenge" cast outs? I know she's a misfit, but that's only like 50% of this theme's equation. Overall, Jinx's implementation into this year's project event seems like she's just there to blow stuff up. Next, Akali. Now we know that in her OG lore, she walks out on the Kinkou in order to save Ionia using her own methods. Again, misfit and lonewolf, but not hungry for revenge. Hate isn't really who defines Akali, instead it is her uniqueness and resolve. Irelia. I don't really know why she would be part of this band of "castoffs hungry for revenge", as there's really nothing to suggest that she wouldn't fit in, or she would want any revenge. Hate isn't really part of her character, you know? Finally, Warwick. I mean i don't have anything against him being in this year's project skinline because he's not part of the merry band of "rejects". Although i find myself confused when seeing the human inside his throat and wondering how ww would bite people, he's fine. Maybe in the future Riot can expand on project's beast units who fix against errors, perhaps adding reksai or other "beast" champions. Now, onto my suggestions as to who could've been much better candidates for Project:Reckoning. My criteria for the champs on this list includes some keywords: Betrayal, Revenge, Hate. This year's event would be a whole lot of grit, and the champions would have to all gravitate and bond towards each other through hatred towards the Project Corporation. {{champion:82}} {{champion:555}} {{champion:517}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:429}} Mordekaiser, Sylas, Pyke, Nautilus, and Kalista. (as well as warwick, but idk 6 champions at once is asking for alot lol) IMO, these champions really have what it takes to become a power that Project Corporation is wary enough to send Warwick after. In their own OG lore, each of them has been through some deep shit. Each of them are HUNGRY for the "justice" they wish to serve. Like these are champions that players can easily associate towards the themes of revenge. Of course there may be other champions with the revenge-filled hate that could very well belong on the list, but these are my top favourites. I don't really know why i didn't put Aatrox and his gang of Darkin in the lineup, i'm still thinking for a reason not to lol. So, there you have it- My two cents worth of thoughts, maybe to get some other people thinking and get some discussion going. In general though, cheers to Riot, imma head off and get ready for my spicy new Pyke skin. Cheers.
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