@Ironstylus - Concerning Evelynn's TU/VU

So I just spotted Evelynn's TU amongst the texture rebalances on the PBE. Compared to all the other texture rebalances, Evelynn's got quite a bit of work, and it's clear hers is an actual proper TU. And it looks good! Definitely a vast improvement. But it seems to raise a few issues. If I recall correctly, you once said that Evelynn's rig is so bad that she outright *will not* get any new skins until she receives a much needed VU. And if I'm not mistaken, TUs are generally reserved for champions who have old/outdated textures, but whose rig still holds up well. Which leaves me wondering where Evelynn fits in. I realize that, with the texture rebalances, a LOT of old champions are gonna have to be touched up to fit on new SR, but for all the others it's been mostly just colour tweaking. Doesn't giving Evelynn a more drastic texture update mean all that work is going to go to waste when she gets her inevitable visual update? Is it that her rig not actually as bad as first assumed? Or is this a sign that her VU is still extremely, extremely far away? :( (I had been assuming/hoping she'd get it early-mid next year.)
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