Take me out on a first date, How will you treat me?

___For this scenario, its a fun roleplay, and is just a first casual date, nothing more.___ You're inbox has 6 new messages! You open the first message and you see a picture of a youthful girl {{champion:103}} "Hi, I'm Ahri, and its my first time using the summoner's dating site, would you take a charming girl like me out? Any cool places to eat near you? I'd like to see what its like in your human world, I promise I won't be too _charming_, and if you're good to me, you might get a kiss before I have to go back to the rift." You open the second message and view a woman of dignity {{champion:37}} "Summoner, I had a special device made, if you place this magical lobe transmitter on your temple, I can communicate with you telepathically. Sigh... All of the other dates I have had ended in disaster, we couldn't communicate, and weren't really able to connect. I am hoping you'll wear this recently constructed device and give me a chance to talk plainly using only our minds. If that doesn't scare you, I would love to get some sushi, and perhaps I could watch you dance for me while I play a tune on my Zither, what do you think? _tee hee hee_" You open the third and ominous message with a dark photo {{champion:134}} "I have been single for so long, and I am not here for your pleasure at all. You will do as I command, and no negotiating this in any way. Bring me 3 items and I may let you live, if you even have the courage to show up for a date with me. Bring me salt, sulfur, and spirit, and I will cast some magic with you as my test subject, and if you please me, I will levitate you a bit for my own amusement. If you can hold a conversation about the ancients, mysticism, and esoteric wisdom of old, maybe we could be something in the future." You open the fourth message and get the feeling this woman will interrogate you when you meet{{champion:254}} "Hi there, I'm Vi, I'm a cop, have no kids, never married. How about you? We can meet up at a coffee shop, after I have ran your social security number through a federal background investigation. I don't date criminals, and please if you're a cop or military, no I don't need saving, I am a big girl and can take care of myself, thanks. If you like beer, shooting pool, and can take a punch, maybe I'll like you. I am a sucker for puppies." You open the fifth message, and see a stunning beauty {{champion:39}} "Greetings, I am Irelia, I love to dance, and if you could bring me some exotic flowers from your land, I would really enjoy them. I love serene places, nice views, and the fresh air. Could you maybe take me on an outdoor hike to some national park or to a special garden destination? Sorry if I sound like such a tourist, I just want to get out and see what beauty there is out there, and see some of the lands I haven't traveled to before. If you can accommodate any of these things I would be grateful to you, and maybe if I like you, I will show you my secret sword dance in private, and don't worry, nothing dangerous I promise. No really I am nice when I am not on the Rift. I don't bite :) You open the sixth message and see a picture of a pretty hyper chick {{champion:222}} "lolololol.... I can't believe I am on this site, your picture looks okay I guess, meh. I'm bored, so lets hang out sometime. I like guns, and redbull/monster energy drinks, and oh yeah, if you know a place we could ride on a roller coaster I'd be down for whatever, unless you're scared hehe, just kidding, :*. Yeah I don't have all day, so make up your mind soon, ugh... god I am so bored.... if you don't have a gun, I can always bring mine and I'll let you shoot it, its a minigun/rocket launcher.... no seriously, its both. So if you can find a place to even shoot it, I am sure you'll love it. hugs* hope to cya soon. After opening the 6 messages, you have the option to take one of them on a first date and reject the other 5, or you can pretend you are only talking to one of them while playing the field and see which one is the best. What will you do, and how will you treat her/them? What will you bring to the first date, and how do you think you would fare in a situation with any of these women? Another hypothetical: Optional Side note, anyone who picked Jinx, what would you do if you had a far-right winged gun rights activist like her as a girlfriend? **Alert** two more messages appear in your inbox, check them! You open the 8th message(the 7th was spam) and see a pale, smiling face.{{champion:202}} "Hello, my dear. I've been admiring you for 4 months now. Only now do I have the courage to ask you out on a date. I've met several other women on this site, yet none of them lasted for more than 4 months. We could go dancing, perhaps? Or go to a show, like an opera or concert. Or go for a relaxing stroll. Or we could simply stay home and have tea. Whatever fits you best. I am flexible, after all. I suppose you're wondering about me. I'm an artist, a showman. I love to perform on stage, or just on the street. I enjoy song, dance, poetry, art... Pretty much any of the arts, really. It doesn't matter if you share my interests to this extent, but having something to talk about would be lovely. Hopefully I'll see you on the Rift. You are rather beautiful, but I could make you perfect." _Jhin add-on courtesy of: **4 Step Candace**_ Thanks! :D
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