Eve's new skins?

#Hello everyone. I saw posts about some champions really not getting a skin for years (despite only having a release skin) and that it bothered people that played/mained them. After those legitimate complaints, we soon saw releases for Eternum Cassiopeia, Arclight Yorick and we're now talking about potential Illaoi skins while Swain and Irelia are on the rework list (and possibly won't get skins before their VGUs). Eve is in a rather peculiar design space when we're talking about her skins in general. After being released in May 1st 2009, her release skin was probably Masquerade Evelynn, which was released in May 18th 2009. Then we have Shadow Evelynn (previously named Human Evelynn) on November 20th 2009, Tango Evelynn on October 5th 2010 (same release date as Tango Twisted Fate) and finally, Safecracker Evelynn released on 28th November 2014 (along with Safecracker Twitch, Constable Volibear and Constable Trundle). Safecracker and Constable skins were likely released with the announcement that the Vault (Legacy skins) was being opened for a few days and that meant players could purchase Legacy skins for a limited time. _**"What your point exactly?"**_ - you might ask. _**"Eve has had a "decent" number of skins throughout the years, even if it's not on a level or Annie, Yi and Morgana. That's still a lot better than only 1 skin on release. And it's been at least 3 weeks since she was VGU'd which means all of her skins (along with her base model) were entirely redone."**_ - you may argue. Well, hypothetical person of average intelligence but good insight (that i've only created in my head to make this point), you're entirely correct. However, being VGU'd has nothing to do with new cosmetic content for our dear and sexy (and deadly) Widowmaker. It stands to reason that if you update Eve's model, you'd also update every skin she has to make sure it matches her new looks. That's old content being redone, which has its own "new" value but it's still something she had for years. Not something new she needs and deserves right now. ##Let's put things in proper perspective first: **1. Eve has been released in May 1st, 2009** 2. Masquerade Eve released in May 18th, 2009 (17 days later) 3. Shadow Eve released in November 20th, 2009 (187 days later - 6 months and 3 days) 4. Tango Eve released in October 5th, 2010 (320 days - 10 months and 16 days) 5. Safecracker Eve released in November 28th, 2014 (1516 days - 4 years, 1 month, 24 days) 6. If Eve were to get a skin now (1071 days - 2 years, 11 months, 6 days) ######("Days since last skin" was counted from her last released skin) _**And the best part is that Masquerade, Shadow and Tango Eve are all 520 RP skins.**_ Safecracker Eve (since she had a new model), was valued at 750 RP. This was actually her best skin before the VGU (not just according to price). Now, am i blaming Riot because Eve had only cheap skins made for her? No, i am not. Old Eve basically had minimal particle effects and her model was the only thing Riot had to work with. 520 RP skins was actually a good deal for reskins and 750 RP for a new model as well. But now (her VGU has a lot more particles and animations), she deserves at least a 1350 RP skin but i would go higher and request a 1820 RP skin for her. Even if now her improved skins look and feel like skins that are worth more than 520 RP (and are actually all usable, even her default skin), it's only a perceived effect. Because she's new, she's polished and made better. But the value of her skins still remains the same. Maybe i'm going above and beyond with a 1820 RP skin out of the get go (maybe even a super secret Ultimate Skin for her for this year, eh Rito? **wink wink , nudge nudge ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) )**, she definitely deserves the love and a skins that would make us Eve players (and newbies alike) say "holy shit, this is it". --- #Holy shit dude, wall of text! #TL;DR: Eve was an old champ with a few skins worth 3x 520 RP + 750 RP. Even if she's VGU'd, she needs a new skin, preferably a skin that's 1350+ RP (1820 RP best in my opinion). It's long overdue. I wanted this post to be longer because i wanted it to stand out from the "Rito, skins for my favorite X champ when" posts. Wanted it to be witty, funny and overall not a pain in the ass to read if it had some humor injected in it. Did i go a good job? Discuss my failure to do so below :)
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