Riot made a good job on K/DA Ahri

I am an Ahri main But I just can't like that skin in any way. I have bought every Ahri skin since 2014 (when I started playing and currently I have all of them, even her older ones like dinasty) but I will pass on this one. Her model bothers me too much, I am talking about the ''base movements'' of classic skins. She feels so badly in the middle of the other 3, with polished models animations. Just take a look at Evelyn's Tails. They look so much better than Ahri's tails that I can't barely watch the sync dance recall. It's like watching 2018 2018 2018 models and then 2011 quality right next to it. Maybe it's just me, and I am the only one that thinks she is ugly but I am definitely not going to buy this one. Riot made an amazing job creating this skin, from VFX to Splash Art etc, everything is so cool on this skin but I just can't stand her model movements. Nothing Riot could fix since the skin is only 1350 ,unless they would be giving her a visual rework (Ezreal's scale) and that is going take a long time since there are tons of champions that need it more then her. Still, congrats to Riot, they made it perfect in anyway they can but to me, it's a big NO on buying it, Sorry, maybe I will have to either wait for a VU rework in the next 10 years or just try to be lucky and get in Hextech chest's! {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
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