Worried about new lore

> For those of you who don;t know, a couple of months ago LoL got a new head of lore who used to work on Warhammer 40k. Since then, we have had two releases - tahm, and kindred (lore release at least - check it out, a little piece was written by Riot called a good death, nice read). Both of them are really cool conceptually, and provide enough detail for speculation unlike some other releases(cough cough bard cough cough), HOWEVER neither of these champions seem to tie into the existing universe very well. With the retcon, i was under the impression that Riot's goal was to be able to have plot development - thus far the only real development we have gotten has been in the bilgewater event (which was really cool), and it doesnt seem like tahm or kindred tie much into Noxus/demacia or Shuriman civil war etc etc. Thoughts?
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