Theory: A League MMO, And The magics/runes of the universe LEMME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK

A list of what i can gather about all the elemental magic-born champions? Note: These are just SPECULATIONS. none of these are confirmed, im just listing ideas (DEMI-GODS DO NOT COUNT) Ice-born: Ashe (Of course) , Braum (can summon ice from shield), Lissandra, Nunu (the kid), Sejuani, Trundle (?) Earth-born: Taliyah, Galio..? (prob not, since he was made by a sculptor), Azir AND Sivir (they can control sand?), Malphite, Ivern, Zyra Fire-Born: Lee sin, (Because he literally uses fire, no one knows this but when he uses "tempest/cripple" he summons fire like how he used to burn himself in his OLD lore, and his kick is described as a "dragon"), Jax....? (cuz of his lamp..?), Annie, Brand (not fire-born, but fire-made by touching a deadly world-rune), lux , (Light = fire? Or maybe light = Light-born?) Shyvana (dragons she came from have to be fire-born right?), Wind-Born: Yasuo (Like taliyah and ashe, Hes obviously one of the rare pure-borns), Irelia, (obviously far different from yasuo, but defidently magic, maybe not Wind-born), Riven....(Not herself, But the sword she wields is imbude with wind magic), Janna (alongside yasuo no doubt), Water-born: Illaoi (Her totem has a god like being inside that has water magic, so not Illaoi herself), Fizz (vastaya), Nami (vastaya), Pyke (not water-born, water-made like brand) Again, im sure some of these are far off and sound stupid, but hey its an idea that popped into my head. But I tried making connections between other "mortals" given magic just like ashe… (Taliyah and yasuo are best examples) Could magic be passed down not only for Ice-born... but for any other magic as well? wind magic? earth or rock or sand magic? just an idea and my theory combining all this is that a League MMO would benefit from a "choose your type of magic" system... as it would make sense in the world of runeterra. That would be so cool ... {{sticker:sg-zephyr}} sorry. the new ashe comic got me hyped.
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