Whats your favorite story?

I recently read Kassadin's story again and GOD DAMN is it good. It's one of those stories that just gives you everything. From history on Shurima, to insight on The Void, to showing us just how spiritual and personal Kassadin's fight against the void while also being impeccably written, this story story is just my favorite. It got me thinking on what other people favorite stories are because while I've read A LOT of the stuff on universe, I haven't read it all and some suggestions on new stories to read or stories to get a second perspective on, I would love to hear what others think is the best story and why. And Rioters, if you have written any stories any stories for the universe, what was your favorite one to write? League's universe is an incredible website with stories that have no right being as good as they but I'm happy that they are because they have been some of the best insights into characters I've ever read. TLDR: Whats your favorite story and why?
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