What would certain Champions Fear?

Here's a list of what I believe certain champions would see when they get feared or affected by Malzahar's Malefic Visions. For many champions, I noticed that many of them would have suffered from PTSD, so in my head canon, these champions would remember their past traumatic memories if they get feared or Space Aids. {{champion:103}} Ahri: Having her life essence painfully drained out by her past self. {{champion:32}} Amumu: Being completely alone. {{champion:34}} Anivia: Transforming into a merciless Blackfrost Cryophoenix. {{champion:268}} Azir: Witnesses his family and his Shurima be destroyed by the power of his failed Ascension. {{champion:53}} Blitzcrank: Loss of his sentience. {{champion:63}} Brand: Entombed in ice again (claustrophobia and frigophobia) {{champion:119}} Draven: No one cares who he is, or ironically, Draven is intensely creeped out by seeing everyone and everything having his face. {{champion:3}} Galio: Being completely petrified and helpless as his allies die around him, in a situation which resembled how his creator died. {{champion:104}} Graves: Being locked away into a tiny cell. {{champion:222}} Jinx: Her guns decided to turn against her; they malfunction and blow up in her face. {{champion:38}} Kassadin: He sees the Void's monsters consume Runeterra. {{champion:96}} Kog'Maw: Becomes so immensely hungry that he eats himself. {{champion:64}} Lee Sin: Sees the boy he killed and village he destroyed when he was a summoner in training. {{champion:127}} Lissandra: Relives the experience of her eyes being gouged out by an Ursine during her youth. {{champion:236}} Lucian: Becomes what he hates, a cruel apparition, not unlike Thresh. {{champion:99}} Lux: Has a mental breakdown. {{champion:11}} Master Yi: His traumatic memories of his village being devastated by Singed's chemicals re-emerge. {{champion:267}} Nami: Her people are completely wiped out, extinct. She failed in her quest to find the moonstone. {{champion:76}} Nidalee: Her cougar family is slaughtered and her home in the jungle is razed to the ground. {{champion:2}} Olaf: He peacefully passes away instead of dying in combat. {{champion:92}} Riven: Goes through the PTSD incident where she and her comrades were gassed by Singed. {{champion:35}} Shaco: Death becomes boring, no longer funny or entertaining for him. {{champion:113}} Sejuani: She and her tribe subjugated or she sees herself becoming a soft, delicate housewife. {{champion:14}} Sion: Briefly gains clarity of what he has become and becomes mortified of his undead condition. {{champion:37}} Sona: Loses her ethwahl, her most invaluable tool which allows her to communicate. {{champion:16}} Soraka: Being torn apart by Warwick. {{champion:134}} Syndra: Loses her magic and her floating fortress crumbles on top of her. {{champion:4}} Twisted Fate: Being unable to control his teleportation ability. Lady luck has essentially left him. {{champion:67}} Vayne: Being killed by the witch who killed her parents. {{champion:110}} Varus: The Pit of Pallas swiftly corrupts his body. His will is now Pallas'. {{champion:161}} Vel'Koz: Being dissected alive. {{champion:112}} Viktor: His logical, Evolution driven mind is overwhelmed by the depressive thoughts which he experienced when Blitzcrank was stolen from him. His body is reverted to fully human. {{champion:157}} Yasuo: Haunted by the ghost of his brother, Yone, who he had killed.
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