Most players have never seen most champions' crit animation

Champions all have crit animations, and a lot of those animations looks very damn cool! But non-adc champions do not ever build any crit items because the balance team had push crit to a stat only adcs build with the not so recent triforce change. I think it would be cool to utilise these very damn awsome crit animations on some incidents without the champion actually criting. For example, when {{champion:115}} have his passive empowered aa ready he can throw it with crit animation instead of just throwing a red bomb. {{champion:99}} can do a crit animation when she attacks an illuminated target. {{champion:101}} can use his crit animation when his "aa restore mana" passive is up. It might not be necessary, but I think having majority of the champions' mains never ever see a crit animation of their champion just seems like a waste of resource, because many of these animations are actually very damn good.
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