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First let us review our cast of characters. {{champion:202}} _"All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances; And one man in his time plays many parts"_ -As You Like It, Act II Scene VII G/NETIC - A rebel faction led by Ashe fighting against PROJECT {{champion:22}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:236}} PROGRAM -Wholly artificial beings, implied to control PROJECT. Like Skynet it isn't hardware. It's software. {{champion:164}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:16}} EDIT:{{champion:53}} PROJECT (???) -Megacorporation controls all augmentation. Most of the characters it seems were apart of this. Since Katarina and Zed are fighting against G/NETIC I assume them to be apart of it. Yi sounds as though he is a man on the edge. On the one hand he rescues others, and fights Zed but...he has some odd quotes. {{champion:55}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:11}} (Formerly?) HUNTERS -These are individuals all after something. None of them seem to be following higher orders, rather they act on their own. Vayne has her one woman quest for vengeance at any cost. The Vigilante. Vi is the cop, and an honest one which Vayne notes as a rarity. Whereas others would see an open and shut case, Vi wants the truth. Jhin is a collector of black market tech seeking upgrades. The Artist. {{champion:67}} {{champion:254}} {{champion:202}} The first big question is, what is PROJECT? >PROJECT: is the perfect fusion of one’s supernatural essence with advanced weaponry and body augmentation. This linking of technology and energy allows extraordinary hosts to channel their essence into physical manifestations and, in rare cases, transcend the corporeal plane. Only subjects possessing extremely focused inner essence and exceptional physical attributes can unlock the true power of PROJECT." In ways, PROJECT is something we've seen before. A kind of fusion between the magical and technological, like Hextech with a totally different vibe and aesthetic. Not everyone can wield it, as it requires an extraordinary inner power. It can allow you to manifest your essence -perhaps as weapons, blasts of energy, or.....even transcend humanity. "Through my work, you shall transcend." -{{champion:202}} This gives us an interesting idea- Astral PROJECTION. It makes me want to go back to _Projection of the Astral Body_ by Sylvan J. Muldoon. If PROJECT were to allow a human to transcend corporeal reality, they could become utterly immortal and everlasting. One could perhaps transfer from one machine body to another even after the destruction of it. It could represent absolute freedom, power of mind over body, and reality itself. It makes sense that people of the PROJECT world would pursue it, but there many problems that have come along with this. Most of these skins are 1350 Epic Skins, but a few of them are 1820 Legendary skins. The latter have fully new voice overs that contain interesting details. We can examine some of the themes of the PROJECT setting through the skins that have been released. --- #Lost Memories {{champion:22}} "Memories are more than ones and zeroes." "Erasing our memories only ensures we repeat our mistakes." "Each reboot, a fresh guiltless mind." "Today only matters if we can remember it tomorrow." {{champion:11}} "Do not trust corrupted memories." "Memories... like shadows in the fog." "We are memories - deleted." --- #Lies In The Code & Life Under PROJECT {{champion:22}} "The source code lies." "They promised us infinite possibility. They lied." {{champion:11}} "Mercy is stilling a chaotic mind." "Order must be enforced." "Humanity has faltered." "Isolate the radicals." "These... are not my thoughts!" {{champion:67}} "Every trace of PROJECT must be eradicated." "I will break your code." "PROGRAM is PROJECT Unchained" "For humanity to heal it must sometime ally with the virus." -Program Ally "To them, we are nothing but lab rats and batteries." "One more iteration and they will have no need for us." "I was rebuilt to override everything they are." --- #Mortality, Humanity, Reality {{champion:22}} "My humanity cannot be overwritten." "Will always trumps programming." "We aren't weapons, we're human beings." "So long as you refuse to obey, you are human." "Memories are what make us human." {{champion:11}} "Have I died?" "I see the edge of living." "We are not meant to grasp eternity." "Weakness is... human." {{champion:67}} "The enemy is in all of us, programmed in our very core." "All we are is an accumulation of Data" "I am no longer human." --- #Of Rats, and Cats, and Neon Mice The first PROJECT story that I know of. I enjoyed it and look forward to more. While voice lines from the few Legendary skins, and cinematic trailers give us hints of what is going on and what this 'skinverse' setting is about, writing takes us directly into it. The PROJECT setting takes place in a particular city, unnamed with a population numbering about 100 million. The Tokyo metropolitan area spread over multiple prefectures holds only close to 40 million. I take the city to be a bit like the Boston-to-Atlanta Metropolitan Area in Gibson's Sprawl trilogy. The Boston-Washington Corridor or Northeast Megalopolis is projected to reach 58 million by 2025. It's divided into many sectors -perhaps like city blocks, but also vertical levels. The lower levels are poorer and destitute compared to wealthier upper levels. This reminds me strongly of the relationship between Piltover and Zaun currently. This is a dark world lit by neon. Neon itself is an aesthetic choice, since a world so advanced probably wouldn't use gas-discharge tubes. Cyberpunk is a genre full of retrofuturism. It often rains in the PROJECT art, giving us a Noir feel. If this were set on Earth, perhaps it could be Seattle home of Shadowrun. But, one of the characters notes that while he is old (intending to retire 20 years ago) he's still not old enough to remember "real" rain. There's no mention of greenery, or plants and the rain that falls is produced by moisture condensers. Why though is a good question. Perhaps it helps clean polluted air? Everyone in this setting pursues augmentation. But most people can't afford augments fresh off the assembly line. The poor, and working class acquire older parts that upper sectors no longer want. After using augment technology for a time, one's memories somehow become imprinted on the technology. Remember ....PROJECT interfaces with the _soul_ . In a sense, this means after you upgrade, you leave behind a piece of your essence. "At my last performance hearing, I asked the reviewing officers what it took to make it in Central. One of them said you had to be ready to trade a piece of yourself—that every upgrade would take you higher up PROJECT’s command line, but would cost some more of who you were in the bargain. " Characters are bothered by memories that aren't there's passing through them because of used hardware. Sometimes scrubbing the hardware dozens of times can't remove them and one could imagine some people becoming cluttered by thoughts and feelings they can't get rid of. Jhin has been collecting high end parts stolen, or taken right from his kills -but had experienced personality fragmentation. In theory, in this way Jhin _might_ keep the memories of his targets last moments. In Shadowrun, an illegal cyberdrug is called "Better Than Life" or BTLs (Beetles). These single use chips allow you to relive someone else's memories of anything -just as if it were happening. Adventure, Romance, Wealth can all be yours- for a time. Unlike commercial simsense tech, BTLs have no limits to intensity or content. Sex is common, but there is also are rape, murder, torture (giving or receiving), and other crime. Some BTLs are strictly mood chips, with all data except the emotion edited out and overrides removed, so one can move about in the real world and still be aware of one's environment. It is implied that, in certain cases it might be possible to raise people from the dead. Jhin reveals to us that Shauna Vayne and her squad "all died". But they "Rebuilt" her because she was "special". It may be that Yi, Yasuo, and others are these special souls. Jhin says that she "wears them well." indicating most of her hardware was reclaimed from them. And further, that "PROJECT rebuilds us _all_." Based on Ashe's remarks certain military personnel might be formatted after "death" in an attempt to gain complete control over them. Or like the Hashashin of old (from which the word Assassin comes) , who were said to smoke hashish in hopes of forgetting their crimes or believing them to be only a dream.
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