@Riot Question about the Void.

I've been doing a lot of thinking (more than a little of it out load on the Lore of Legends discord server) about the nature of the Void, Voidborn, and Voidborn Champions lately. I recently decided to take another look at the Kai'Sa story and I encountered this fellow and his bird https://d36fdldwzubus5.cloudfront.net/kaisa-comic/production/1.22/dist/issue/en_US/pages/16/16-1.webp As you can see, the man has seen better days. But what got to me was that the nature of "becoming" a voidborn seems fundamentally different in those caverns than it is when depicted in The Eye in The Abyss The big, bad voidborn seem to be directly created by a Watcher with little to no regard to the initial form that biological matter took. All they see you as is a lump of play dough. I assume those where what the Ascended were facing off against during the whole Icathia thing. But our Shuriman traveler and his bird (and to an extent the larger void creature in the story as well) are all clearly mutated variants of their previous shapes. If this is the case, it seems strange that a Watcher would modify them in such a way given the great success seen with learning and adapting Voidborn like Kha'Zix and Vel'Koz (AND MAYBE CHO'GATH MAYBE? PLEASE???). Are these a separate form of life? (Void-Touched, for lack of a better word). Does proximity to the void cause random mutations even without the direct willing of a watcher? Have the creatures that Kai'Sa has found herself fighting all her life been life forms mutated by proximity to the Void rather than Voidborn themselves? Did the Watchers just get lazy and decide the birds just needed to be angrier birds and the man a scalier man? Have the watchers changed the nature of the void to corrupt all life it touches, putting it on a sort of Void-Monster making autopilot? Or was it always like that, and the creation of Voidborn is when a Watcher decides to use that nature for more specific ends? And then what of the Void-Creatures we saw in the Nami comic? Are those Voidborn? Or are they Void-Touched deep sea life? I have many, many more questions and conclusions I'd love to share but this would become far too long.
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