New Champions Are More Popular & Sell More Skins. Riot's Fault.

New champions are more popular and sell better skins. Unless the champion is a massively popular one like Riven, older champions will never be popular, relevant in this game, and reach numbers money wise like new champions do. This is Riot's fault. How can a older champion even compete in skin sales and popularity when a new champion has updated and modernized art, more interesting kits, and the ability to do more with skins that the limitations a older model has? KDA Evelyn sold well because her kit, theme and art was modernized and more interesting. If Riot made KDA Evenlyn on Evelyn's her older model and kit, does anyone seriously think it would sell and be as popular as it turned out? Heck no. Older champions are not even relavent in this game unless their kits are numbers buffed to the point that they are broken and played in the LCS (even if that means Developers know their needs to be work done on them). Riot Game Developers use the excuse they are a business and new champions sell more skins and are more popular, so that's why they refuse to do mini-VGU and do less skins on unpopular and older champions. That's a excuse because they could update older champion's kits, art and modernize them to be more popular which would allow them to create more narrative, stories, and art on models that would allow them to do more than the older ones that hold them back. When the Developer who was working on the running animations for older champions, it was hard for him to do it because older models have a lot of limitations on what he could do on them (choppy models, older codes on older models, models done on different and outdated programs, and more.) Riot could easily make bank, offset workload costs on older champions and increase the production and skin sales on older champions if they got off their butts and actually did more modernization of art, narrative and kits on older champions. There are so many champions int his game that have amazing themes and occult following that they would buy almost anything on a champion that looks and feels better. I'm not talking about full blown VGU like Akali and Galio. Riot seriously needs to start doing way more Ezreal and Morgana level VGU on older champions because it's getting to a point that they have been prioritizing every bit of work and future work on already completed VGU and new champions. If Riot went with the monetary model below of how they work with mini-VGU on older champions, it would allow them to offset any costs they do on updating older champions and making future content. EXAMPLE: MINI VGU {{champion:43}} + SELL COMPLETE BUNDLE OF UPDATE MODEL ON SKINS AND BASE MODEL. + ALSO RELEASE NEW 1800RP LEVEL SKIN AT THE SAME TIME If Riot did something like the above on a champion like Karma, they would make money off the bundle with updated art and her kit as well as a Legendary skin that would promote the skin as well as the work done on her mini VGU. Do people seriously think the community would not buy a skin bundle and new legendary skin on a older champion? ----- MODERNIZED ART AND MORE INTERESTING MECHANICS ON OLDER CHAMPIONS WOULD MEAN MORE POPULARITY AND SKIN SALES ON OLDER CHAMPIONS. I don't understand why this company is so against mini-VGU on older champions when there is a lot of player frustration on older champions not being acknowledged at all in this game unless they are numbers buffed into relevancy. Riot could easily come up with a price model on work done for older champions which would allow them to offset work done on older champions as well as make more money off of older champions.
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