Kai'Sa isn't what I expected

Kai'Sa Special Interactions
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But y'know what? Overall, I think I'm glad. At first, she did sound really flat. I was expecting a character bent on revenge against the Void, one filled with anger and a good amount of snark. While watching her interactions, I realized that I was *expecting* her to be a typical edgy character. I'm glad my expectations were proven false. Sure, she's flat. And while I could argue that she's flat due in part to lack of human interaction and in part due to the Void sucking out all of her emotions over the years, I'm not going to talk about that. Well, not any more than I just did. No, what I like best about Kai'Sa is her optimism. She has a flat voice, but you can feel that she's actually a good person. One trying to do what's right. One who believes she can win against the evils of the world. I'm glad that Riot decided against adding another edgy character to the roster.
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