Xerath is being oppressed...

Riot, people, what are you doing. Did you forget that my boy Xerath was in the game? The last skin he got was 4 years and 5 months ago... like how do you deprive this champ and it's mains of a skin for so long. Listen, you can argue that "they give skins to people like Kai'sa for the money because they're a business". But, I don't buy that shit, Xerath isn't THE most popular champ in the game, I'm aware, but he's got decent play time and an average win rate plat+ and a god like win rate gold and below. PLEASE GIVE HIM A SKIN. Also, don't you dare give us some half ass shit like you did with Ivern and Urgot. I want Amumu treatment. Give the juicy Ascended Lighting God a SKIN
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