With the Morde rework, what is even the Ruined King's role in the lore?

Morde is the undead overlord of the Shadow Isles, Sauron reborn in Runeterra, the ruler of the Black Mist. He is obviously the one who leads the undead legions during Harrowings to feast on the flesh of living and break their souls to further increase the numbers of his unholy crusade. So, my only question is, what is the RK's current role in Runeterra, becasue he is obviously not the dark overlord of the Isles and not even a commander like Hecarim? Is he a mere spectre roaming the dread wastes mourning over the loss of his wife? Is he even still in the canon or get retconned with the new lore? Don't get me wrong, I absolutely adore the new Morde, I'm just a bit anxious the RK got deleted, which would be a shame because he has a unique and tragic backstory.
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