Coin Emperor Tahm Kench's Teeth

Coin Emperor Kench's teeth are so tiny and hard to see with this skin, and sometimes disappear completely like during W. Like it's so weird and a major turnoff from this skin; half of Kench's aesthetic is his big sharp teeth inside his giant mouth. The flat teeth in the front with the fangs in the back are fine, but they're sooo damn small and so far back into his mouth compared to base and master chef that from some angles, it looks like he has no teeth at all, and it just looks super weird, especially when he uses W and they recede into his gums. It just looks like an old guy lost his dentures and it takes away from the intimidating thematic appeal of the champion. Other than that the skin is beautiful, and I really hope something like this can get fixed because it's really making me consider buying this skin or not considering how much I already love Master Chef. I get that he's supposed to have a toad aesthetic, but it just doesn't make sense to me that he would **retract** his teeth during W from a practical standpoint. It just... really takes away from what Kench is in my opinion, as someone who plays him a lot. (For some reason I can't post on the boards with my PBE account, so I didn't know where else I could post this where it might actually get seen)
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