Very Serious Lore Revision: Veigar Is Runeterra's Thanos

{{champion:45}} is a character we have not seen or focused on recently. Currently in the lore, he is a bit of a laugh. No one takes him seriously and, unlike in the game, in the lore he is pretty pathetic, with all his plans failing like a bad Saturday cartoon villain. However, with League recently taking a turn for the better in terms of more frequent lore and with the recent PBE preview of the Ryze event, I realized that there is a very logical path to go with Veigar. He could literally be the Thanos of League of Legends. Old Veigar was in search of powerful and likely forbidden arcane knowledge in order to cause Runeterra to bow beneath him. However, in the new lore, the most powerful sources of arcane power are World Runes. We saw what two of them could do when they were used in Icathia: they summoned the Void. Now, what would happen if you were able to acquire a whole handful of them? Enters Veigar. **Veigar's new quest/character goal is to obtain all the World Runes** This would tie in with his in-game playstyle easily when/if he is ever reworked visually, with having his infinite AP tied to acquiring World Runes. In-lore, it would allow him to finally take his place as a major villain of the cast and not just a cheap little joke with Napolean syndrome. Can he still have all his quirks and be tiny? Sure. But this would allow Veigar to really stand out as a villain and give him an enemy in Ryze. It could also give a direction to push the other Bandle City yordles in, notably Teemo. He could also be an enemy of Veigar and have his entire career focused on eliminating the menace and making sure he never acquires all of the World Runes. What do you guys think?
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