You know, Cosmic Queen Ashe should have been Ashe's second legendary.

Hi I'm up at 4 am shitposting again. I've been thinking about this since High Noon Ashe was revealed. Honestly, I think the skin is great, but I just feel like it was a waste of a Legendary. I feel like Ashe's second legendary could have been something bigger, better, and just overall more fitting for her. And then, it dawned on me... Cosmic Queen Ashe, the literal queen of the cosmos, is an _Epic_ skin. Cosmic Queen Ashe was an excellent opportunity to provide more lore for the Event Horizon universe, seeing as how she obviously knows all the members of her court, and is likely well aware of the Dark Star threat. Fuck, she could have even teased other skins(be it with her VO or a short story). Not to mention just how cool they could have made her, what with the form change and all. Just so many amazing missed opportunities with this one. What do you guys think, though?
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