Which Champion's Designs/Gimmicks are out of touch in your opinion?

Well, this is simple thread where we are talking about champions and their visual(maybe sometimes gameplay) designs that feels kinda weird. I'll give ya here 2(3) examples. {{champion:10}} - Well, she have 2 fundamental problems imho with her looks(her kits have a lot of more, but let's be more artistic today). I don't get why she is taking her helmet off, when she is getting stronger. Imho she is supposed to have released face at lower stages of her "ascension", and and then she should hide her face in the helmet, Why? Firstly. Because full armor is a great indicator of something getting stronger, experienced in battles, etc. Just compare WoW characters on low and high levels. Secondly. Kayle's story and concept are all about ascension into Goddes(kinda) of Justice. The further away in her evolution, the less human and empathic she is. Hinding face in helmet is a great indicator of separation from those lower creatures, who should listen to her commands. As I mentioned - She is supposed to be a fanatical, righteus-chosen-God complex being. If she wants to turn into real Aspect of Justice then she shouldn't care about her "human" features. The best example of this feature is caring about her femininity. Her armour shouldn't be a boobplate, but a neutral chestplate. She shouldn't reveal her booty and legs, and she should hide her face even more in this helmet. Justice has no gender, but it must look majestically and powerfully... So do Kayle. {{champion:62}} & {{champion:11}} - Sensei and student, but there's few problems... If I didn't read about it, I wouldn't know about that. Yeah, both characters are disconnected, and of course "VO" with special interactions between them would be awesome, but this is just a small patch stucked on an big open wound. Firstly... Wukong doesn't have his own personality. He isn't a Sun Wukong reference, HE IS Sun Wukong copy. Look at Smite, Dota, read Journey to the West, or anything. The only original thing about our monkey are his realtions with Master and Wuju Style. As I said, they need more quotes, but also they should have more simmilar outfits. Wukung should wear costume that reminds Yi(of course Yi also needs new outfit, more fitting to Ionia), maybe same colour scheme, maybe same materials, maybe unique belt/talisman, dunno, but visually they should be somehow connected. And let's talk about Wuju Style. But what is Wuju Style? Well, this is special martial-technique mastered by Yi, and Wukong just learns it. So Master and Wukong are supposed to have kinda similar moves, even tho they use different weapons, Yi is a teacher of Kong. Dunno, imho Master needs new animations, maybe even new skillset, so that we can feel the climate of a tactical and agile sword master, not a madman waving a giant saber(inb4 Yasuo is better Yi than Yi). And when we get to know this style in its full form, then we will be able to convert its simplified version to Wukong's kit and animations. Maybe similar pose after autoattacking, maybe more monkey-like version of Alpha-Strike(his E), or Q animation simillar to Yi's passive etc. Of course I'm not saying that Wukong should be just "dumber-monkeyish Yi", and his kit should be totally removed. He's already recieving update in game, which looks cool, but adjustment of few animation could feel cool, and logical. Post image What do you think?
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