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Please consider adding a /g toggle for K/DA Evelynn's glasses outside of Demon Shade's stealth. The glasses add a good focal point on the outfit's aesthetic as a whole. Arguing that "the glasses are exclusively meant for Demon Shade" seems like a very hollow response towards a toggle, which would give option to have them on or off as seen fit. She has also been shown wearing them outside of Demon Shade anyways. Having the _option_ to wear them doesn't hurt anyone. EDIT: I feel the need to reemphasize that I'm literally just asking for the option to wear the glasses outside of stealth. I'm not asking for a change to the splashart or for the default model to wear them all the time or even by the default. I'm simply asking for a toggle to put them on for people like myself who prefer them being worn. If you don't think they should be worn outside of Demon Shade, that's fine! It's a completely valid opinion and I support it. I don't support the idea that it's a reason that the option shouldn't even be available to those who want it. Nobody is going to force you into toggling them. I also feel the need to point out even the original concept art has her wearing the glasses- and they look awesome! [](https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DrRNN1HUwAA8lQx.jpg)
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