Fiddlesticks Rework Concept Designs (Thank you @Kindlejack)

As a Fiddlesticks main, I am insanely happy (and spiritually nutting) that he got selected to be reworked alongside Volibear! I've went through variations of what Fiddle can be gameplay-wise and lore-wise, but what I haven't gotten down is his design. How much will it all change? What will be removed, what will be added, and what will be improved? Thankfully, I don't have to think too much for they have thrown down their massive chart of Fiddle's plethora of designs, and let me say... They. Look. Fucking. AWESOME. I love how they just went full horror for each design, never too safe with how horrifying and eldritch Fiddle can be. However, what I hope during the rework process is that they don't make him a demon. I feel like they can expand much from him as something completely different than a demon. It feels way too safe. If Kindlejack, Squad5, and CarnivalKnight want to make him horrific, then do so, but don't make him into another demon. Not much potential since Nocturne pretty much harvests fear from people's dreams, but I digress. So let's start dissecting each Fiddle design, also just want iterate that all of them are unofficial for they're "CONCEPT DESIGNS." Nothing's in the works yet. What I'm about to analyze is just my opinion, I'm only doing this because it'd be fun to explore each design and possibilities so take it with a pinch of salt. _____________ _____________ **Starting with the First Row:** _____________ _____________ A: Like how they made him a bit hulking, but not a fan of the head. The large hand looks cool but it reminds me much of Maokai's hand. B. Definitely a love-child of Nightmare Before Christmas and Trick r Treat. It's interesting to see him hold something that isn't a scythe. Though the tiny wings behind him doesn't really fit with the design, kinda like how everyone forgot that Draven has a ponytail and everyone agreed that he looks better without it. As much as I like the saw, he's not Fiddlesticks without the Scythe. C. This look amazing, however I fear that this could be a complete nightmare to animate, especially when making skins for it. It can do without the elongated tongue, you can't have multi-arms and creepy long tongue. It's one or the other. D. He looks cool, but feels too overbearing with the design. Looks too far from Fiddlesticks and more of something completely different and unrelated. E. This one looks awesome, though it's kind of a bit much with the blades and such. Like A's design, this one reminds me of reworked Warwick. F. This fits well if it's a Chemtech skin. Default? Not so much. G. Too Silent Hill-ish. Not that I mind, it takes too much away from what makes Fiddle "Fiddle." Still looks awesome, though, don't get me wrong. _____________ _____________ **Now we move to Middle Row.** _____________ _____________ H. Now THIS looks interesting. A crow-like scarecrow. What bugs me is the scythe design and the tendril arm. Feels too extra from what's already a neat concept. I. Fiddlesticks is a bear trap. Does that mean he's a trap on a bear or a bear on a trap? Neat design, but I don't think this fits Fiddle. J. Now this is different. I saw T.B. Skyen's video and he already said about this concept design. A body filled with something trying to break free from underneath, and once he ults, all the encaged crows fly out of him. That would be cool and horrific. Though try not to make him fat, but only do so when he reaches Level 6 because that's when his body starts filling up with crows. Once his ult is used up, he's back to normal until the cooldown's up. There's potential with this one, but don't make Fiddlesticks "Fiddlestacked." K. This designs is pretty much the closest to being Fiddlesticks than the rest of the designs here. It's probably because it was used in Twist of Fate. I wouldn't mind seeing reworked Fiddle as this because it stays true to the character. L. It's cool, but the hunchback isn't cutting it for me. If he's leaning down, then yeah, but like that? Nah. M. This is a completely new direction, but I can't see Fiddlesticks as this design or a similar design. It doesn't scream Fiddlesticks. You know what this reminds me of? Turnip Head from Howl's Moving Castle and No-Face from Spirit Away. It'd be neat if this one's a new, separate champion, but I can't vision Fiddle being this. N. Like L, the hunches are not doing it for me. I have nothing against hunches or people with hunchbacks, I just don't think it fits well for Fiddlesticks. Save the hunchbacks for a future champion. _____________ _____________ **And finally the Last Row!** _____________ _____________ O. That's a neat design, and can have the same concept as J, though wish the Scythe is a separate thing and not his arm. P. This design doesn't really pique my interests, but I do see potential. A bird cage inside him would be cool and once he ults, he lets them all out of there in a massive cone of feathery death. Q. Like H, I love the crow-like design direction. This one's much more simpler than H and I can see it as a potential base model, but don't give him blade legs. Camille already called dibs. R. I could see this as part of C, with each hand holds a farmer's tool to rake and shred his enemies while the arms holding the Scythe and Saw protrude out of his back for extra carnage. S. Doesn't really pique my interests that much. Though the crow parts are pretty neat. T. Oooh! I like this one, though I don't want him to be in that position all the time. Perhaps he could have an ability to fly over terrain in that form? I don't know. Maybe it could serve as a joke animation similar to Azir. X (where's U?). Oh now THIS looks cool. Like R, have it be part of C and just go with it. I know Skyen already commented about, well, KKK mentions about the design, but I'm sure Kindlejack has something up his sleeve to fix that. _____________ _____________ So there you go! My thoughts on each design. Remember, none of them are official as they're only concept designs. I just want to offer my thoughts and insight on them. To Kindlejack, there's a guy named Shawn Brack that made his own rework design for Fiddlesticks. He has it on Artstation if you like to check it out: To Squad5 and CarnivalKnight, in case if you're looking for references and/or fresh material, I have made two versions of my rework concept for Fiddlesticks. You don't even have to credit me on this, I just want to help out you beautiful people on bringing my first champion I've ever played back to life. _(Difference between the two is that the first link has 100+ likes with first lore concept based on Lovecraft, while the second link has a completely different lore that gives Fiddle a purpose. It's also much more fleshed out than the first one.)_

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