Demacian Steel is just Valyrian Steel prove me wrong

Idk man would just be nice to see some original ideas come out of the lore/story team instead of really obviously rehashed ideas from popular media that isn't even that old, seeing as Game of Thrones just ended on TV and the books aren't done yet. When I read that tidbit on my loading screen about Demacian steel I cringed into another dimension because of how blatant the copied idea was. Its not hard to come up with a more original/less specific idea for what Demacian steel is(assuming Demacians even NEED to have special steel to begin with). I'd share some but I'm a creative writer and my ideas are for sale, not free :) Just want to see more inspiration in the lore team and some actual original league unique ideas. Shouldn't be hard to write more interesting things than rehashed concepts/blatantly copying things. You're being paid to be creative and original, after all. Hope I don't come off too mean, but this kind of practice is pretty frowned upon in creative communities.
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