Some new VO popped up on the PBE talking to the Jungle Monsters

Friend of the Jungle
Disclaimer: Video title is purely speculation based on what is said and how the lines trigger. How can anyone kill someone as cuddly as Krugs? Anytime you kill a Jungle Camp a mysterious voice will talk to you, Gromp and Krugs have special lines.
A very strange development indeed. Immediately the thought process leads to new champion, but what? An old hermit? A mystical forest entity? Dunno. Any thoughts folks? Here's the lines in text form: _"Poor Gromp. He was a prince amongst toads. " "You will be missed old friend, warts and all. " "Goodbye Gromp, or as you would say, ribbit. " "Hop to that lilypad in the sky, old friend. " "Wait 'til you see Daisy's dance moves! "Everyone wins in a dance off." "Next time, more petting and less stabbing. " "A tragic end for such a noble friend." "Can I cut in? Yes? No. I'll- I'll come back later. " "Why kill when you can simply ask?" "What a shame, he could've been a mountain. " "How can anyone kill someone as cuddly as Krugs?" "Farewell Krugs, I shall miss our long talks."_
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