Adding simple recalls to older champs

**Hail, summoners!** Let's talk Recall animations. I'm personally a fan of these, and I know many players agree. They allow for a cool personal moment, and feel a lot better than your champion standing still, staring into the deep void of space. Many champions (and skins!) are lacking this animation at this moment, opting for the aforementioned navelgazing. The current reality is that making new animations for all of them is a very inefficient choice, as it would require our champion and skin animators to stop doing basically anything else. So! Here's how we propose to fix it, and how we can fix it soon (like, 7.5 soon). Pictured here is Ahri **before**, standing still, awkward, perhaps thinking about that failed gank she did on bottom lane a few minutes ago. Why did she think she could eat those tower shots? Ye gods, the horror, the shame. Here she is **after**, using a current animation (Idle3, in this instance) as her Recall. It has a lot more movement and personality. This Ahri is planning her approach, coordinating with her team, and probably goes on to get a penta*. This approach comes with a fun happy benefit. After this ships, **every single champion that lacked a recall will now have one.** Skins without a unique recall will match the Base (Skin00, or a non-skin). So yeah! If all goes as planned, this should be on PBE shortly! I'm looking forward to your impressions. **FAQ:** **Are the repurposed recall animations being removed from where they were originally used?** Nope! There'll be some redundancy. **What about champions/skins that already had recalls?** Unaffected! **Throw some stats at me!** Not a question, but sure! 74 champions that lacked Recalls on their Base will now have one. Additionally to those 74 bases, 351 skins will now have recalls. **Can you explain more on why you went with this option?** Sure! As explained in the above question, a change of this caliber affects a large amount of champs and skins. Our animators have little down time (they’re all hard-working champs), as we have a ton of higher priority work in flight at any given moment. We explored the option of doing simple poses for the recalls, to account for animation. We felt this option wasn't quite matching the quality we’d expect for the effort they'd take- we found we wanted more movement in the animations. Taking all these factors into account, we looked for easier implementations - smarter ways to solve the problem. **increased rate of Pentas may vary.*
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