Can we get a good Noxian?

Noxians are all evil or, at least, not good and it's kind of stupid (no, Riven doesn't count because she's both an exile and actively hates Noxus). It would be nice to get a different perspective on Noxian values like maybe a jolly warrior who believes that the strength of Noxus can be used to help the weak or a diplomat who seeks to ally with other nations so that both can benefit. At the moment, all I'm seeing in the lore and in the champion bios is "Noxus is bad, Noxus is mean, Noxus is the completely illogical stereotype of a purely-evil empire with absolutely zero redeeming qualities and is a glaring sign of poor writing." While this would somewhat make sense if Noxus was filled with naturally evil creatures like the orcs of Mordor or, for a Runeterra example, the undead of the Shadow Isles, it doesn't add up at all since everyone who lives there is either human or Kled. It would be nice to have a character who actively believes in Noxian ideals of strength _and_ is just a good person. Someone who challenges your worldview of Runeterra and better causes immersion because so far there's only evil Noxians. EDIT: Wow, people must really hate the notion of breaking stereotypes.
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