Can We Have More MALE 'Magic-Born' Champions?

So you're probably reading the title thinking "The hell is a MAGIC-BORN?" It's essentially a term I'm using for people who are BORN with magical abilities in Runeterra. So on that note, I've actually been noticing a strange pattern, almost all 'Magic-born' are Female and can't control the extent of their powers. For instance: All the Females with this type of trait in their lore are {{champion:99}} {{champion:163}} {{champion:134}} and now {{champion:1}} Strangely enough, our only REAL Male Champion that was just 'born with magic' is actually {{champion:83}}. Strangely enough, Yorick is actually noted to have the ability to talk to spirits since he was a little boy, and a Rioter answered somebody on the boards questioning the origins of his powers and essentially gave the answer "Some people are just born with magic" (Magic likes to cling to physical matter in order to stay in the physical world, and that can sometimes apply to people). Some other possible 'Magic-born' are people like {{champion:13}} and {{champion:8}}, but even THEY had to learn a bit before getting their powers. The new Annie lore is absolutely stunning, and I loved Lux and Taliyah's lores as well, but don't you think it's getting *slightly* repetitive with the same pattern of "I was born with Powers, I can't control them, I faced consequences for it"? EDIT: So I see some people are sort of misinterpreating what I first said, so let me explain: I'm asking for specifically more HUMAN males that are born with magic. BORN with magic. Sure Yordles, Vastaya and even Voidlings are magical, but they're ALL magical, it's in their nature to be magical! The only humans that this semi-applies to are the Ionians, yes some are sort-of born with magic, but it's mostly an Ionian thing since magic is just so prevalent in their society And lastly, theres a difference between GETTING magical properties and being BORN with it. For one, most Champions have some other feature to them that gave them their powers: {{champion:101}} had to learn his magic over time and get ascended {{champion:13}} is unclear on whether or not he was born with his abilities, but a big schtick of his is that he had a master who taught him how to use the same magic {{champion:90}} may have had prophetic vision powers as a boy, but that's unclear for his current lore and, as far as we know, he's all void-corrupted
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