Questions About The Vastayan Tree Firstly, I'm extremely curious on the details on the rest of the Tribes we'd never heard of, especially "Tribes of the Sky." We already know of the {{champion:267}}Marai, {{champion:107}}Kiilash, {{champion:498}}{{champion:497}}Lhotlan, {{champion:62}}Shimon and Makara (Described by Sharjo as being crustaceous as well as 'carnivorou' and 'ever-smiling') Tribes, and we get a possible member of the Strig tribe from the man who Ahri describes as having "Butterfly eyebrows." Along with that, the Chyra may be the mentioned avian Vastaya that only speak in song, as they are nicknamed "the Silent Chorus." Is it possible anyone can drop a bit of info about any of the other tribes? Most notably, the Ophelis (they seem very close to the Lhotlan and their only note is "charming"), Konlui and Ottrani tribes of the Landwalkers, the Raylu of the Sea and the Besheb, Strig and Chyra of the Sky. Anything can suffice for me, from as small as a simple biological fact for their race, I'm just DYING of curiosity here!!! Note: It also appears that the Juloah of the tribe known as Sodjoko are absent from this tree, which are the people that Rakan and Xayah freed from the Puboe Prison.
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