Kindred's poem finished

Kindred has a V/O for a Joke in which Lamb says "The weft and weave of fate did that poem go again?" As a poet, I wanted to finish that poem. So I wrote this: The weft and weave of fate guides the hunters to their prey From the bush the Lamb will wait, while Wolf begins to play. “Can you hear me?” says the Wolf, within his target's ear. Nothing satisfies his hunger quite like fresh cooked fear. The Lamb appears so swiftly, “Dear Wolf, let her be." “I understand your hunger, but she belongs to me.” Lamb brought forth an arrow and raised it to her head. “Today your life no more shall be, welcome to the dead.” The masks showed no pity as the arrow took its course, Simple and unchanging was death without remorse. Wolf looked at the Lamb with an unrepentant grin, Their souls are one, a Kindred; the hunt again begins. -Saint It would absolutely make my day if Riot actually saw this.
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